To be recognized as the Healthcare provider and employer of choice in our market service area, as evidenced by the best clinical and service outcomes at the lowest possible cost, and by meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Shared Values

  • We believe our patients deserve the best care possible and that the compassion, respect, teamwork, professionalism and commitment of our employees and physicians are what make our hospital excellent.

  • We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and will be provided with education, resources and fair compensation.

  • We believe in providing services of consistently high quality that are cost effective. We value caring and quality.

  • We value courteous and friendly behavior on the part of all employees toward patients, visitors, physicians, volunteers and one another.

  • We recognize that the future success of our hospital is contingent upon open, honest communication with all customer groups.

  • We value competency and commitment to professional and personal growth and development of all health care providers.

  • We value a safe, clean, attractive working environment with a focus on user comfort and convenience.

  • We value the long term employment of productive people who support the mission and values of the hospital.