Life at Eastside - You Have a Voice

At Eastside, you will find a culture which embraces our ICARE Standards of Service Excellence. Many of the programs which we have in place allow for maximum employee voice in matters which impact our delivery of patient care as well as ensuring that we support an environment which meets our employees needs in both their personal and professional life.

The following provides a brief overview of the opportunities available to all employees at Eastside to participate in having a Voice at work:

Our Culture of Excellence Teams are compromised of staff, management and senior team employees from clinical and non clinical areas. The teams are:

The Frist Legacy Team, named after the founder of HCA, Dr. Thomas Frist, this team focuses on communication and standards of performance.

The Service Recovery/Service Excellence Team focuses on providing optimal customer service to our patients, visitors, physicians and peers.

The Employer of Choice Team focuses on rewards and recognition for staff. Their objective is to create a work environment which supports employees during their time at Eastside.

The Physician Satisfaction Team focuses on providing a work environment which is supportive of our physicians and their patients.