Eastside Medical Center
September 27, 2016

September is Sepsis Awareness Month

Snellville, Ga. (September 23, 2016) – Eastside Medical Center is honoring Sepsis Awareness Month by educating hospital staff on what sepsis is, what the symptoms are, the effect it has on the body, and how to act fast and save lives.

Sepsis is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (second to heart disease and cancer). According to the CDC, more than 258,000 lives are lost every year due to sepsis. Despite the large impact, only half of American adults have ever heard the word sepsis. So we're working to raise awareness and educate patients and providers on how to prevent sepsis. 

What is sepsis?

Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening toxic response to infection which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. Anyone can get sepsis, but there are some pre-existing health factors that attribute to a higher risk. The symptoms of sepsis vary, but the common factors associated with this condition include increased heart rate, respiratory rate, white blood cell count, altered mental status, decreased temperature or white blood cell count in addition to a known suspected infection.

While Eastside Medical Center recognizes September as Sepsis Awareness Month, the dedicated team works year round to raise awareness of sepsis, take the necessary precautions to prevent it, and detect sepsis early and treat effectively.

“When a patient meets the criteria for sepsis, a sepsis alert is announced. The team at Eastside recognizes this is a medical emergency and all hands are on deck,” explains evidence based care and sepsis coordinator, Krista Kyle. “We recognize that time is tissue; therefore the quicker the patient receives the appropriate care the better his or her outcome.”

What can you do to prevent sepsis?

The answer is raise awareness. If you have questions about sepsis, please contact your healthcare provider. It is essential to be aware of the combination of symptoms that can cause sepsis and call 911 or seek a doctor if you suspect sepsis. Eastside proudly serves to work to raise awareness of sepsis not only in September, but year round.