Eastside Medical Center
February 22, 2019

Eastside Medical Center is pleased to announce the recent addition of the da Vinci Xi Surgical System to the hospital's surgical services program. The da Vinci Xi Surgical System can be used across a spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures and has been optimized for surgeries in the areas of gynecology, urology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System offers multiple benefits for patients including less pain and reduced scarring, a shorter hospital stay and recovery time, and overall improved outcomes. This month, Dr. Peter Mann and Dr. Aliu Sanni were the first surgeons in Gwinnett County to perform surgeries using the newest da Vinci Xi Surgical System at Eastside Medical Center. Surgeons utilizing the da Vinci Xi Surgical System are able to perform surgeries with increased accuracy tailored to the anatomy of each individual patient.

"The Da Vinci Xi surgical system is an exciting addition to the surgical services available at Eastside Medical Center," stated Peter Mann, MD, OB/GYN and Co-Medical Director of the Eastside Medical Center robotic surgery program. "Joining the existing Da Vinci Si robotic platform at Eastside, the Xi will bring the most advanced robotic surgical technology to optimize minimally invasive surgery and to support our core mission of delivering the highest quality care. The Xi provides easy-to-maneuver instrumentation that adapts to changes in patient position, providing greater precision and efficiency to decrease operating times. In addition, the enhanced dexterity will allow the performance of pelvic reconstructive surgery with fewer and even smaller incisions that was not previously possible."

As with all da Vinci Surgical Systems, the surgeon is 100% in control of the robotic-assisted da Vinci System, which translates his/her hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient's body. The Xi System's immersive 3D-HD vision system provides surgeons a highly magnified view, virtually extending their eyes and hands into the patient.

"From the surgeon's perspective, the new Xi system brings better visualization and ergonomics to ensure surgical precision for complex procedures that I perform in the specialties of bariatric, general and colorectal surgery," explained Aliu Sanni, MD, general surgeon and Co-Medical Director of the Eastside Medical Center robotic surgery program. "With the XI, surgery times are shorter and patients experience an improved outcome with less pain after the procedure and a reduced hospital stay."

Key Features of the da Vinci Xi Surgical System Include:

  • A new overhead instrument arm architecture designed to facilitate anatomical access from virtually any position.
  • A new endoscope digital architecture that creates a simpler, more compact design with improved vision definition and clarity.
  • An ability to attach the endoscope to any arm, providing flexibility for visualizing the surgical site.
  • Smaller, thinner arms with newly designed joints that offer a greater range of motion than ever before.
  • Longer instrument shafts designed to give surgeons greater operative reach.

The da Vinci Xi System is an expandable technology platform that is designed to accommodate and seamlessly integrate a range of current technologies, as well as future innovations, in areas such as imaging, advanced instruments and anatomical access.

Eastside Medical Center has offered minimally invasive robotic surgery since 2013. Surgeons utilizing this technology at Eastside Medical Center participate in extensive technology pathway training in addition to the entire surgical care team receiving continued education to ensure the highest level of patient safety.

"At Eastside Medical Center, our patients remain the top priority in all that we do," said Trent Lind, Chief Executive Officer at Eastside Medical Center. "We are proud to be a leader in this field and look forward to continuing to bring Gwinnett County the most advanced surgical options in the safest possible environment."

For more information on minimally invasive surgical options at Eastside Medical Center, please visit EastsideMedical.com.