Finishing school and passing the NCLEX are major steps in your nursing career, but they are just the beginning. Making the transition from student to professional nurse also requires gaining additional knowledge and expertise in clinical skills, critical thinking and professional role assimilation. How you begin your nursing career is an important decision for you and for the safety of your patients.

The Versant® RN Residency at Eastside is a comprehensive, 18-week program for new graduate nurses with less than six months of experience. Start dates for new graduate RN residency cohorts are twice a year in February and August. The formalized, competitive residency program is comprised of:

  • education and curriculum (20% classroom)
  • guided clinical with preceptor (80% clinical)
  • support (mentoring and debriefing)
  • measurement and evaluation
Applications will be open for the Winter 2018 Cohort July 19 through October 31, 2017.

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