Being a nurse at Eastside Medical Center means treating all those we serve with kindness, loyalty and dignity – whether that is a patient, visitor, volunteer, physician or colleague.

Eastside nurses’ caregiving does not stop when their shifts end.

Eastside nurses devote their lives to fulfill their calling.

“I was formerly a Paramedic and had the pleasure of being a first responder, but I desired to understand the continuum of care for the patients I transported to the Emergency Department. Very seldom did I learn the outcome of the individuals I was able to assist at a very vulnerable time in their life. Becoming a registered nurse, and then being a part of the nurse residency program, allowed me to make a difference as an ER nurse and now I'm able to not only understand the continuum of care but to be a team member to monitor and track the recovery of our stroke patients.”

- Roger Casco, RN, Stroke Coordinator at Eastside Medical Center

Eastside nurses treat each patient like family.

“Being a nurse is the most difficult thing in the world. Finding that deep personal connection is what makes the difference in nursing, to not only the patient, but it also fills my cup up when I know I have made a difference in someone’s life. As nurses, we must always strive to be our best and always remember why we are here. Eastside Medical Center is all about finding that personal connection and that is why I continue to be proud of our staff and hospital for always keeping this in the forefront of patient care.”

- Sherrie Williams, RN, Director of Joint and Spine at Eastside Medical Center

Eastside nurses care for their community.

“What’s so rewarding about working at Eastside is that I feel so close to my patients, co-workers and our community. I’ll take care of patients and their families one week and see them in Walmart the next! Quality of care comes first and Eastside has given me a renewed love of nursing and desire to do the very best I can for my patients.”

- Elizabeth Long, RN, Joint and Spine Unit at Eastside Medical Center

Eastside nurses practice compassionate care.

“Being a NICU nurse has taken me through an overwhelmingly amazing and blessed adventure. Having to watch parents go home without their miracle baby has made me realize how crucial compassion is in my daily nursing care. Helping normalize such a stressful situation where one feels mixed emotions is a very rewarding experience. It is even more fulfilling to see parents’ smiles and tears of joy with every sign of improvement.”

- Hellen Rogel, RN, NICU