Every birth is a unique experience. Sometimes, babies come earlier than expected and require special care. When this happens, take comfort knowing our team of highly-trained medical professionals are fully equipped with the tools and resources needed to provide the very best care for your premature baby in our Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). There, your baby will receive the specialized, round-the-clock care he or she needs to thrive.

Because we are partners in your baby’s healthcare and we understand that having your baby in the NICU for any length of time can be stressful, we encourage parents to take advantage of special sessions of kangaroo care, in which your baby will be placed on your chest wearing only a diaper during visitation. This helps soothe your infant and creates a stronger parent-baby bond. For your convenience, we offer 24-hour visitation for parents so that you may be with your baby whenever you wish.

We're here for you.

On average, Eastside’s NICU team cares for more than 200 premature babies every year so you can rest assured knowing your baby is in the care of experienced hands. Our team works closely with parents to best meet the needs of each infant and we’re by your side every step of the way on your child’s NICU journey.

Here are a few things you should expect as a parent of a baby
in Eastside’s NICU:

  • Open visitation. Parents are welcome to visit the NICU at any time of the day, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All other visitors – including siblings - must be accompanied by a parent. We ask that visitors who are feeling sick or are experiencing any signs of an infection be cleared by a doctor or nurse prior to visitation.
  • Lots of hand washing. Because NICU babies can catch infections very easily, every visitor, caregiver and medical professional is required to wash their hands thoroughly every time they enter Eastside’s NICU. This helps us protect your baby’s health.
  • Family-centered care. Parents of a baby in Eastside’s NICU can expect to be involved in decisions about their child’s care. Our medical professionals meet daily to discuss your baby’s care plan. Parents are invited to be a part of this conversation and ask any questions they might have. When parents cannot be present, they are welcome to call the NICU team directly at (770) 736-2520 to discuss their child’s care.